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Biography - 

Ryan Hoover (b. 1981) is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist, photographer, and musician. He earned a BFA (summa cum laude) in Painting, Drawing, & Photography from the University of Michigan and an MFA degree in Electronic Integrated Arts / Expanded Media from Alfred University, School of Art & Design. Originally from the state of Michigan, Ryan has worked, studied, and traveled extensively throughout various parts of the world, including one year in South Africa and nearly six years in Japan. He has worked in television post-production as an assistant editor and media manager; taught Cinema & Video Art at the University of Tennessee School of Art + Architecture; and  taught Black & White Film Photography at Alfred University School of Art & Design. He currently lives in Seattle, WA, where he is as a Program Coordinator at the University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies, supporting both the Center for Global Studies and Comparative Religion Program, while also working as a freelance photographer, videographer, and web/graphic designer.


Artist Statement -

As an interdisciplinary artist, my creative practice involves working with a number of traditional and emerging mediums, processes, and technologies. These include photography, video, sound, mixed media, 2D digital imaging, design, and interactive installation. I'm interested in exploring physiological processes of image and sound perception, including transitional moments between representation and non-representation, the recognizable and unrecognizable, the intelligible and unintelligible, and potential ambiguities at the boundaries of time-based and non-time-based mediums.

Recent projects have included attempts to translate concepts related to the ephemeral phenomenon of sound into visual or physical manifestations; implementations of interactivity through both sensor and non-sensor based processes; manipulating digitized VHS still images with traditional photographic means; and several other single or multi-channel video, sound, and image compositions. 

In producing new work, I hope to synthesize potentially unpredictable forms and content through a symbiotic balance of methodical, critical analysis of a subject or idea with more organic, intuitive, aleatoric, or improvisational modes of working. Along these lines, I’m particularly influenced by Brian Eno’s notion of “Control vs. Surrender”, and how seemingly opposing compositional strategies and approaches relates to the art or music making process in general.

Other artistic influences include the work of video and experimental film artists Paul Sharits, Stan Brakhage, Peter Kubelka, and Paul Pfeiffer; photographers Hiroshi Sugimoto, Simon Larbalestier, Miguel Rio Branco, and David Hockney; media theorists Vilem Flusser, Kate Mondloch, and Victor Burgin; and the writings and musical compositions of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, and Peter Gabriel. Additionally, my work tends to absorb influences from several other fields of interest such as physics, linguistics, biomimetics, ethnomusicology, world cinema, and various historical inquiries.




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